Saturday, July 13, 2013

(3) Writing task 2: Higher mammals

Higher mammals especially monkeys have rights and should not be used in laboratory experiments. Do you agree or disagree?

Higher mammals, chimpanzees and monkeys for example, have quite notable role in science. Scientists rely on them to test their drugs before actually using it on human. This has been a major source of arguments for many people since years ago, who believe that higher mammals have rights and should not be used in laboratory experiments. I am not very keen with this statement. Although it clearly stands for animal rights which everyone seems to suddenly favor nowadays, it failed to capture the bigger picture. 

As a consideration, it is true that animals are probably more than just brainless beings human can do whatever they like with. Recent studies show that some higher mammals actually possess quite high level of intelligence. Dolphins, for instance, can understand words and simple syntaxes. Animals can also feel pain and stress, a fact that is used by animal rights supporters to no end. As for monkeys, almost everyone knows how smart they can be.

 However, one also has to consider that animal experiments in laboratory are not being done just for the fun of it. Scientists do have to test their drugs before using it on human. To generate the most accurate result, the experiments have to be done on something that resembles human’s DNA the most. This is where the higher mammals take their role.

Furthermore, lab experiments do something for humanity, unlike circuses or slaughterhouses. Untested drugs can kill people, or even create more dangerous disease.

In conclusion, although I agree that animals have rights, I do not think that lab experiments should be pointed out as the sole villain. It is needed, anyway. Scientists will have to keep using animals until they find a better replacement.

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