Friday, August 23, 2013

(15) Writing Task 2: Sports in curriculum

Some people believe that competitive sports both team and individual have no place in school curriculum. How far do you agree or disagree?

Many argument arises nowadays on how competitive sports no longer have role in school curriculum. Personally, I am quite supportive with this statement.

Sports, especially competitive ones, do not exactly help children develop themselves for their future career. Unless they aim to be an athlete, but even if this is the case, it is more about talent than schooling. Some even do not consider athlete as a career. Moreover, sports cost a lot and considering the previous argument, it is not worth the expenses.

Futhermore, sporst are also thought as encouraging violence among children, especially male student. Active boys are usually considered as though, while the others, especially the studious ones, are considered to be lame. This creates negative stigma which in turn will prevent kids from being themselves. Some kids may stop doing what they are passionate about since it is considered unattractive by society, and sports-oriented kids may bully their friends. The athlete student potrayal in movies or other popular culture does not exactly help either.

Yet, some people argue that doing sport is the best way to make children learn about team work and to give them chance to do some physical activities. This can be solved by doing uncompetitive sports, so the kids will gain benefit without creating gaps and discrimination.

In conclusion, I agree that sports might have become obsolete in school curriculum. It does not shape any preferred quality in a child, it is expensive and it encourages violence. School will benefit more if they emit the competitive side of it and focus more on being active and having fun.

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