Saturday, May 10, 2014

BookFest Madness

So there is a book bazaar in Utrecht right now - the place is literally a huge warehouse with a sea of books inside being sold at alarmingly cheap price. I went a little crazy there - and this is not even my final form.

I got scared at my purchase halfway and had to put back half of the book I took. In the end I left with 7 books or so, while it could be around 20.

But I bought these!

Those are The Sand Box and The King Speech. The Sand Box is the book I thought Jarhead is based from - I saw the book and recognize David Zimmerman, the writer, but couldn't remember where. Then I read the summary and was like, oh yeah, this is Jarhead.  But apparently it is not. Oh well. Most of the book there were old books. I tried to find The Fault in Our Stars but failed. The King's Speech is, of course, the book The King's Speech is based from. The big one at the bottom is Time's most important photographs of all time - so proud of myself for recognizing almost half of the photographs in there. 100 points for general knowledge :D

Can't wait for my assignments to end so I ca devour all of these. Preferably ouside in the sun, when the weather is no longer crappy.

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